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Rolling Auto Service

Post by marvel on Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:36 am

A few months ago my car was engulfed in white smoke and overheating while stopped at a traffic light on Center road.
I pulled ove, phoned home and asked my wife to bring several gallon jugs of water.
I was able to limp home stopping several times to refill as the water was continually poring out from some unknown source.

Once home I was (believe it or not) unable to identify the source of the massive coolant leak.
Since driving to my auto repair shop was out of the question, I could either arrange to have the car towed there or I could call a mobile auto repair service that repairs cars in your own driveway or garage.
I decided to call Rolling Auto Repair (493-6511) which was the only remaining such service in the Venice area to schedule a repair.
The mechanic arrived on time, quickly diagnosed the problem, called in for the repair parts, which took about an hour to arrive and completed the repair.

Overall, I was very pleased with the service. The cost, although not cheap, was fair considering the amount of time spent.
It always annoys me that after charging high hourly rates for labor, they then charge you list prices for parts that they get at wholesale prices and you could get buy at a discount from any auto store, but they all do that.

I would use this service again under similar circumstances.



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